What is MM about?

Mentoring Malaysia (MM) is a Positive Youth Development program built on the foundations of Prevention Science. Its aim is to help decrease psychosocial distress in adolescents and increase psychosocial wellbeing. 

With the cooperation of the school system, adolescents are provided with:
  • youth that are trained & supervised in skills to nurture positive development
  • structured and interesting positive opportunities for learning EQ
  • developmentally-friendly & creative positive places that nurture healthy development

Many adolescents expressed the following benefits and changes due to Mentoring Malaysia:
  • Being shy before and now having more confidence to voice out among their peers
  • Having few people to talk to before and now having more positive friends, even among peers of other ethnicities. 
  • Appreciating the kind-heartedness, good advice and encouragement of their youth mentors
  • Enjoying and learning from Mentoring Malaysia activities, and finding it different from usual school co-curricular activities.
  • Finding fun and learning values in working as a team and in helping others, while having a healthy spirit of competition between teams.

This site is a compilation of photos of the various stages and programming components of Mentoring Malaysia.

Who We Are

To find out more information on who we are, visit The Asian Research Center for Child & Adolescent Development (ARCCADE). Click on the link on the image on the left.